Radical love all around

Photos of gallery on opening night.

We opened Radical Self Love, a show of self portraits, on Friday, March 1. We were thrilled to have a packed house and to receive so much positive feedback. People loved it. People loved us.
What people loved was what we were proud of: we had a diverse group of women with a wide array of styles and mediums. It was a thrill for the eyes to traverse the room and see everything from small sketches to larger than life paintings, collage, fiber art, mixed media, images rooted in indigenous artistic tradition and psychedelic abstraction.
A highlight for us as organizers was seeing what was sparked in viewers. We watched small children go wide-eyed when they recognized the artist from the art right there in the room. We had several inquiries about how to get involved and be part of the next show. We had one request to do the exact same theme in a year so more people could participate.
We only had one viewer offer the equivalent of “You’d look better if you smiled” regarding our art and he was promptly informed that this art didn’t need to be pleasant or pretty to be valuable and wonderful. We don’t need that kind of patriarchal bullshit in our lives.
As organizers, we are so proud of and thankful for our artists and sisters in this. Persisters exists because of you. We are also thankful to the Juneau Arts and Humanities Council for seeing the potential in our application for a group show in the gallery — our first month-long show. Thanks also go to Art Matters, our gallery sponsor, a woman-owned and operated business, offering custom framing.
The show remains installed at the JACC Gallery through the month of March. If you missed the opening, you can check out the show on your own time during the JACC’s regular business hours.