Persisters: Pre-Existing Condition announces selected artists

A Major Thank You and CONGRATULATIONS to the participating artists in the Nov. 3 First Friday show at the Rockwell Backroom, PERSISTERS: Pre-existing Condition.
Selected artists are:
Alannah Johnson
Alicia Hughes-Skandijs
Amanda Filori
Amy Dressel
Beth Bolander
Christianne Carrillo
Christine Carpenter
Electra Gardinier
Emily Rodkey
Emily Saunders
Erika Bergren
Hollis Kitchin
Holly Adams
Jennifer Blood
Julie Sanbei
Kaley Mcgoey
Kelsey Wilcox-Lovig
Kimberly Howell
Kirsa Hughes-Skandijs
Lauralye Miko
Lindsay Campbell
Melissa Leeanne Griffiths
Rachael Byrd
Sabrina Bracher
Samiie Sanbei
Serena Drazkowski
Stephanie Kruse
Veronica Buness

Some artwork from this and the original Persisters show will be featured in a pop-up gallery and break-out session at the UAS Power and Privilege Symposium on Nov. 7 at the University. This event is free and open to the public.

The Persisters Performers Showcase has been postponed until further notice. Performing artists of all types are encouraged to contact Persisters Organizers to express interest.