November Pop-up and Call for Artists

Persisters began as a response to the November 2016 election and it will return again this November with a collection of yard signs designed by local artists encouraging the act of voting.
Persisters hosted its first shows at Rockwell’s back room, thanks to the generosity of Deb Percy. With Rockwell closed, Persisters had to get creative about bringing art to the people — and that inspired a show dedicated to yard signs. Keep an eye on Persisters via Facebook or Instagram, or by signing up for the mailing list at, to find out where you can view the collection of yard signs. Persisters will also host a month-long show at the Juneau Arts and Culture Center in March of 2019, Women’s History Month.
Artists: The standard size for a yard sign is 36 inches wide by 24 inches high, typically printed on coroplast, but Persisters will accept signs of any size or material. Artists, please note the signs will be displayed outdoors, so create or protect your art accordingly. Persisters will provide wooden stakes for posting signs, as well as screws and tools to attach them, or the artist may provide an alternative method to install their sign. The sign must say vote (in the language of the artist’s choosing) and the rest is art and up to the individual artist. Persisters reserves the right to reject art not fitting with the collective’s mission. Artists may price and manage the sale of their own signs in accordance with state and local laws; Persisters does not take a commission.
Signs are due on Wednesday, October 31. Location TBA.